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Bald Eagles – Classically Bald

Sat 4 Mar @ 9:00 pm

Adelaide Fringe 2023 event

For nearly twenty years the Bald Eagles have kept the music of the Eagles alive and well, feeding it bad jokes, worse puns and the odd worm left over from a full-house singalong. Unleashed to sell-outs at every Fringe since 2009, this seven-piece band of great musos has become the stuff of legend for its harmonies, humour and high-energy sprint through the hits and wonders of one the world’s best-loved bands. But in 2023 they find themselves at risk of a coup from their string section. Tired of second-billing, they have threatened to grab centre-stage and give a Baldies’ show some much-needed class. Whether it all “im” or “ex” plodes it promises to be an unmissable drama of Shakespearean proportions!