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Daastaan-E-Guru Nanak – Mystical Music & Storytelling

Wed 1 Mar @ 5:50 pm

Adelaide Fringe 2023 event

A musical daastaan, about the life, journeys & teachings of Baba Nanak,  spiritual guide, traveller & philosopher. The performance looks at the idea of “Oneness” Baba Nanak proposes with his verses. Daastaango (storytellers) narrate & sing simultaneously to create an intimate milieu of divinity and soulful togetherness.  First time in Adelaide. 

Through Daastaan-E-Guru Nanak, the attempt is to articulate the basic teachings of the master :
Kirt Karna (honest & diligent living);
Vand Chhakna (sharing what you possess); &
Naam Japna (meditating upon the name of the Almighty),

 Alongside, the attempt is also to respond to the international burning issues like terrorism, racism & communalism through the thought called Nanak.  

An evening of mystical songs and storytelling.