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The South Season do Tarantino

Sun 19 Feb @ 6:30 pm

Adelaide Fringe 2023 event

Tarantino is the cool, but slightly unhinged, uncle that the boys of the South Season never had. When their parents were trying to get them into cheesy pop, Tarantino put them in the straight and narrow with an eclectic mix of A-grade B-sides.

The band will explore the director’s exquisite music taste performing covers from Dusty Springfield, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale, Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Chris Isaac, Mummas and Papas + many more!

The South Season have many strings in their bow including bluegrass, the music of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, original music, and your favourite pub covers. The band is comprised of David Lane, Michael O’Flaherty, Harry Baulderstone, David Drummond and Keith McGloin, and they empasise the sharing of the lead vocals as well as close vocal harmonies.